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Homestead Expense List

homestead, off grid, expense list, good ideas for life, sustainable, survivalMany people have contacted us the past few years asking about how to get started planning their own new homesteads. I have written numerous articles about how we went about building ours. They include articles like ‘Homestead - Where To Start? What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?, Lessons Learned Parts 1 and 2’, and many others found here at Off Grid Works.

For this article I have created a checklist of potential expenses to consider when planning your own homestead. It is by no means comprehensive and most of the items you are already aware of as typical living expenses. The list is based on the probability that you will be living in a rural area although homesteading in the city is certainly possible. See (Create a Backyard Homestead).

As you may know, homesteads can vary hugely in cost depending on the level of comfort and convenience you choose. Some people may choose to live in a tepee and others like us will choose a more traditional structure. You may choose to have satellite services or not.

The list below is intended to get you thinking about your own expenses you may choose to afford and others you may not have considered. An “oops” moment later on can be expensive. Your own similar list can help you make choices on when to start your homestead, how much money you may choose to borrow, or what you are willing to live without to get started.

The List:


Realtor Fees
Road Building
House Construction
Barn or Out Buildings
Septic System or Other
Well or Water Source
Moving Costs


Pens and Fencing
Vet Care
Garden Supplies and Fencing
Farm Equipment
Craft Supplies
Food Prep Supplies

Monthly Bills

Homeowners Insurance
Medical Insurance
Fuel for vehicles, generators, farm vehicles, and equipment
Property Taxes
Other taxes (income tax, sales tax, etc)
Vehicle Licensing
Other licensing (hunting and fishing)
Clothing etc
Satellite for TV
Satellite for computer
Phone service
Propane or other heat and cool fuel expense


Repairs and Maintenance

homestead, goat, angora goat, good ideas for life, survivalist, sustainable, off gridIf you are thinking of starting your own new homestead, start by making a comprehensive list similar to the one above. Don’t be overwhelmed. Consider each item one at a time. Decide which items are necessities and which are conveniences and go from there. It’s better to be prepared and aware than not! Always keep your goals realistic.

Ed and Laurie Essex live off grid in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State where they operate their websites goodideasforlife.com  and Off Grid Works.

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