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Off Grid Self Sustaining Home for Sale With All The Modern Conveniences

40 Acre Off Grid Home

 This contractor owned and custom built home is located in the heart of one of Eastern  Washington's most treasured recreational areas for outdoor activities. Fishing is close  by and you can hunt and snowmobile from the property. Wildlife is abundant and the  view is spectacular.

 You can be completely self sufficient with this property. We produce and manage our  own power, water, and septic systems. Our modern home is designed with multiple  backup systems i.e. you can choose to cook and heat with either propane or wood.  Power is by solar with backup generator. You can grow food the year round in our  garden, orchard, and insulated cold frames. The house is loaded with passive heating  and cooling features eliminating the need for expensive heating and cooling systems. If  you want to be safe, independent, and self sustainable this is the property for you.


Our 40 acre property is located in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State, 20 miles from the nearest town. We are at the end of the road, 3 miles from pavement with an  elevation of 4200'. We currently only have one full time neighbor over a mile away.

The house is 1400 SF with ICF walls, a metal roof, and hardi plank siding. The walls are 8" thick concrete with fire treated rigid insulation on both sides. The house is structurally engineered to withstand earthquakes and is virtually fireproof. The roof is a hidden fastener metal roof and over engineered for heavy snow loads. Wood shed, oversize garage, carport, and covered porch are all attached to the house and under the same hip roof system. You never have to go outside to run the generator or get wood in the winter.

 If you infill the garage door and the woodshed opening , it will more than double the size of the insulated house. All of the structure, insulation, and frost free footings are in place to do that.

The house is 3 bedrooms with 1.75 baths and an insulated extra space in the attic. It has a commanding view of the access road and valley below. The property is 15 - 20 degree slope and is all south facing for excellent solar exposure.

The well is 300' deep with a 3/4 HP pump. It has two separate water sources and produces 2.7 gpm. We have never run out of water or had the pump go dry. Water is pumped up to a 1900 gallon holding tank and gravity flows to the house. The pressure is 63 psi at the house. There is an extra 1500 gallon backup tank at the well. We also have gutters on the house that keep our 2800 gallon cisterns full for the garden and orchard. There is another 1400 gallon cistern at the barn that is filled from the barn gutters. The gutters were specially designed to withstand the snow and ice. We've never had a problem with them.

 We have a 6600 watt solar system with charge controller and a Xantrex inverter and 24  volt Solar One battery system. There is a built in 12000 watt backup generator under  cover in the woodshed.. The solar and generator power is 120/240volts. It operates the  house, barn and water pump. We have outlet switches for all of the outlets to kill the  phantom power. All of our appliances are energy efficient. There are 5 solar tubes in  the house for more light so you don't have to use overhead lights as often.

 The house is wood heat from a masonry heater and backup propane wall heaters. In  the kitchen we have a custom built wood burning masonry stove and oven as well as a  regular propane stove and oven. If you choose to go without propane you can cook and  heat with wood. We burn an average of 4.5 to 5.25 cords of wood each year. We get  most of our wood from our property. For $12.00 you can get a permit to cut 4 cords of  wood in the nearby National forest.

There are numerous passive heating and cooling features built into the house.

On the south end of the house we have 20' of built in insulated raised bed cold frames. You can grow green vegetables all year long with this setup. No artificial heat required. We also have a fenced garden and orchard.

The 40 acres are fenced into two 20 acre parcels and the house is fully fenced to keep animals away. So you can have animals on the upper 20 acres or the lower 20 acres for rotation. The property is about 50% open grass field and 50% forested. The area around the house and barn are cleared for fire prevention.

There is a 3 bedroom septic system in place. Everything on the property - house, solar, septic, and well is legal, inspected and permitted.

There is a 36' x 36' x 16'H barn with 12' x 36' roof overhangs on two sides. There are three horse stalls in the barn and it has a concrete floor. It is also insulated. The sliding door opening is 24' clear.

The house also has a built in cell phone system. There are no land lines here. We use satellite services for TV and computer and our VOIP phone.

 Wildlife consists of deer, elk, moose, bear, wolves, turkey, grouse, cougar, and many  other small animals and birds. We are located in the heart of Washington's outdoor  recreational area for fishing, hunting, and camping and there is a small ski area just a  few miles away. We can ride horses or snowmobile for miles and miles right from our  property on groomed trails and roads and the view from here is spectacular. We border  state land with national forest beyond that. It is really peaceful here.





We have decided to make our equipment available for an additional cost.
55 HP Diesel 4x4 Tractor
Polaris AWD Side x Side ATV w/ front and rear winch
DR Log Splitter
8' Quick Attach Snow Plow
8' Rear Blade
6' Quick Attach Snow Blower     
Brush Hog, Honda Trail Bikes, Riding Lawn Mower, 2 Seater Snowmobile, Agric Roto Tiller, Forks, and much more.

Serious inquiries only please. $350,000 for the house and land plus $45,000 for all of the equipment (OPTIONAL).