About Us

How Off Grid Works Got Started

off grid, living off grid, self sufficient, homestead, sustainableWe are Ed and Laurie Essex. Since you’ve wandered onto this page you must want to know about us and how Off Grid Works got started.

Ed comes from a retail and construction management background. Laurie is a licensed health care professional and certified horse trainer. We have been living in our 'more self sufficient' off grid homestead for four full years now. That’s a big change from condo life in the city!

Ed was asked to Blog for Mother Earth News E Magazine a couple of years ago about homestead lifestyle, off grid living, and self sufficiency. In the process we’ve met so many people interested in what we are doing that we decided to start this blog site to share our new self reliant experiences with anyone who’s interested and to give others a place to offer their ideas as well.

While we both enjoy a modern lifestyle, it just seems that in the pursuit of convenience we have lost our way in some respects. We have lost faith in our food sources and we are using more natural resources than we need to.

This is an exciting time of opportunity to change that. There are so many things we can do to make a difference for the planet and ourselves. We aren’t here to tell you how to live your life, but rather to offer ideas that may appeal to your values for living in the twenty-first century.

Sharing what we learned just seemed like a natural thing to do. You can make changes for the better, no matter where you live. We have done a lot of research the past few years and hope that some of these self sufficient ideas will benefit your everyday life choices. You don’t have to live off grid to enjoy many of these ideas.

Thank you for your interest, enjoy this site, and feel free to participate as much as you like.

Ed and Laurie Essex.

off grid, living off grid, self sufficient, homestead, sustainableoff grid, living off grid, self sufficient, homestead, sustainable