This blog site is operated by Ed and Laurie Essex in Wauconda, WA. We created this site to share our experiences as they unfold in our transition from city condo life to off grid living in the mountains of Eastern Washington State.

Join us in a discussion about what works and what doesn’t in your daily choices for healthier living and greater self sufficiency. Share your stories about off grid living or things you are doing to reduce your environmental impact whether you are off grid or not.

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  • Lessons Learned By Our Third Year Part 1

    Each new season brings about change and each new year adds to our experiences. While our life experiences prepared us pretty well for our new adventure three years ago it is an understatement to say that life here is quite a bit different than condo living in the city. Our house and property building projects are mostly complete. They include the house, barn, garden, fencing, chicken coop, and a host of other small projects we needed to live in the style we want to be accustomed to. Wood and wood heat- In the past I’ve heated with wood I cut Read More
  • Lessons Learned By Our Third year Part 2

    Looking back the past three years and identifying what we have learned form our experiences. Solar– Off grid means some alternative type of energy unless you really want to rough it. Our solar experience has been a good one. We are still forming opinions and about the best way to operate our system but for the most part have settled in to a routine. It works the way it works. You only really have to decide how big a system you want to have and then how to maintain it. Most of the learning curve is right up front starting Read More
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